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Quality Assurance

“The pursuit of quality pervades all of SANADI activities– in Design, Development, Procurement Fabrication, Installation, Sales, Refurbishment and Services. Quality does not remain exclusively the domain of the officer, but every staff of Sanadi puts the whole of their knowledge and skill at the service of the company so as to perform their assignments consistently and reliably” The success of the company is based on the satisfaction of our clients by meeting their expectations with regard to price, performance, quality compliance, timely completion of the project and other services. Quality has remained and will remain a decisive factor in assuring long term relationships with our clients and it is guiding our principles behind our thinking and behavior. We deliver effective quality management through the development and implementation of formalized management systems. This enables not only the control of key processes, but also it captures the customer feedback as a means for our continual improvement.

Quality assurance is an important part of our Quality management systems and we are strict in its implementation by evaluating through internal and independent audits and surveys. Some of the assignments and activities in the implementation of the quality assurance program in Sanadi are:

 Quality assurance in the design and engineering - Defined and documented approach to engineering, approvals, field trials or mock ups.

 Documentation for the project-Documents that record the quality of the installation and services are governed by prescribed procedures

 Quality assurance of procurement.

 Quality assurance in construction and installation - Operational schedules are drawn up for construction, installation and testing routines at site.

 Quality test for project- Defined procedures to inspect and check the efficiency and quality if the machinery and equipment are conducted and documented. Such tests may be carried out overseas also.

 Calibration of testing equipment - corrective measures.

 Quality assurance - in handling in handling storage and fabrication/ installation.

 On-site training of client’s personnel - upon completion of a project, we will train the deputed staff of the client, assigned for quality related assignments such as operation and maintenance and he will be certified by us for that particular job.

 Quality assurance during operation- At Sanadi, we do our utmost to prevent improper use of systems and equipments, so that the customer can reap the full benefits of our installations. We compile informative material along with schematics and representative diagrams for the client and their facilities management team to operate each system, conduct remedial maintenance and service programs effectively & safely.


Services Since 1989

Services Since 1989

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Over the centuries, aesthetically placing water into the landscape or into the building has remained a central theme for any successful design. The Water projects and its designs are of great interest, excitement which add freshness, calms the mind and plays a big role in our perspective. Good engineering and expertise is essential for building and operating Water Bodies like Pools, Lakes, Waterfalls, Fountains etc. Our experienced team of professional engineers and skilled personals from various fields, have proved our capability to execute several projects and to transform specific aesthetic requirements into an un- predictable visual result.

When there is nothing in this world that can re place life or every penny which you have spent, it is necessary that you choose a right and well quall fled builder and there is no one better In this region than SANADI we can design, engineer, con struct, maintain and service your project to the highest standards of quality.

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