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A swimming pool or a fountain is no longer a special architectural case. It safely involves people in a well- ordered environment. It often requires a multi- discipline approach to the complete design, and it un-naturally introduces a highly specialized language of engineering. There are many ways of setting and designing pools, water features and water treatments plants. We can offer many schemes like pre-planned, brand named pool system, just like a vehicle from an automobile showroom, the modal size, style and shape being adjusted to suit the budget, so it falls upon the owner to agree or to adjust.

T he well designed pool, fountain, waterfall or sculpture based on features, are perfectly matching for every circumstances and site condition. The very first premise to consider, particularly in the designing of the commercial projects is client’s specification and local municipal regulations. Hassle-free functioning of the equipment or components is the essence of good design and proper functioning of the system. Our such designs are subjected to test at extreme conditions to prove its reliability.

As it is evident in all our installations, every plant is carefully designed based on sound engineering practices and meeting the relevant specifications. The Circulation and filtration plants are well designed to meet the desired performance. The disinfection system is designed to meet international health regulations while illumination is best achieved by proper designing. Although modern Pools and Water features are complex Engineering installations, we carefully design and plan the projects from beginning to the end and the completion date is intimated to the client. We take maximum care to commission the project before the committed date.

Our Indian Unit, SANADI FOUNTAINS & AQUA PROJECTS (I) PVT LTD have started about TEN years back at COCHIN and have successfully completed various prestigious projects of

 Fountains,

 Swimming pools

 Sewage Treatment Plants

 Water Treatment Plants

 Jacuzzi

 Sauna

 Steam Rooms

 Irrigation Systems etc


Services Since 1989

Services Since 1989

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Over the centuries, aesthetically placing water into the landscape or into the building has remained a central theme for any successful design. The Water projects and its designs are of great interest, excitement which add freshness, calms the mind and plays a big role in our perspective. Good engineering and expertise is essential for building and operating Water Bodies like Pools, Lakes, Waterfalls, Fountains etc. Our experienced team of professional engineers and skilled personals from various fields, have proved our capability to execute several projects and to transform specific aesthetic requirements into an un- predictable visual result.

When there is nothing in this world that can re place life or every penny which you have spent, it is necessary that you choose a right and well quall fled builder and there is no one better In this region than SANADI we can design, engineer, con struct, maintain and service your project to the highest standards of quality.

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