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SANADI is an internationally reputed Water Engineering Company founded in early 1985. Over the years, the company has developed a network of organizations, concentrating on specialized but related areas of design and engineering, providing expert advices and sound construction practices for national and international projects.

The company was founded with an earnest desire to offer its clients and their consultants a verity of professional supports in various disciplines such as project concept, review with respect to display characteristics , technical feasibility, mock-ups to evaluate the proposed effects, design and engineering, civil and electro mechanical design along with its construction, testing and commissioning, operation, service & maintenance etc for the full range of engineering systems meeting the regional and approved international standards.

We have a professionally qualified group of staff holding 35+ years of experience in design, construction in all our disciplines, which has helped us to successfully complete various projects in United Arab Emirates and in other middle East regions.

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Our vision is to be a premier Water Engineering Company and an integral part of all our clients and associates in their success. Building on a family heritage that spans more than 33 years, SANADI will continue to provide exciting creativity and imaginative designs that are in harmony with the specific needs of our valued clients and their practical needs of recreation as well. With our advanced technology and disciplines we could set a high standard of work which also has resulted in remaining as a zero-accident company during this long period..


Services Since 1989

Services Since 1989

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Over the centuries, aesthetically placing water into the landscape or into the building has remained a central theme for any successful design. The Water projects and its designs are of great interest, excitement which add freshness, calms the mind and plays a big role in our perspective. Good engineering and expertise is essential for building and operating Water Bodies like Pools, Lakes, Waterfalls, Fountains etc. Our experienced team of professional engineers and skilled personals from various fields, have proved our capability to execute several projects and to transform specific aesthetic requirements into an un- predictable visual result.

When there is nothing in this world that can re place life or every penny which you have spent, it is necessary that you choose a right and well quall fled builder and there is no one better In this region than SANADI we can design, engineer, con struct, maintain and service your project to the highest standards of quality.

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